Now THAT’s Hard Core!

I never could ride a skateboard. First of all, during the first skateboarding explosion in the UK in the mid-70’s, my parents wouldn’t let me have one because they were “too dangerous”. They may have had a point though – I next tried skateboarding in 1990, landing cripplingly well on my left hip. Not that I felt it at the time (there may have been alcohol involved), but the next day  I could hardly walk.

So I’m impressed whenever I see people skateboarding. It’s something that you’ve really got to want to learn to do, because most learning is through making mistakes. What really, really impresses me though is when you see a skateboarder who still has their arm / wrist in plaster, after a particularly serious bout of ‘learning’, yet there they go, back on the board.

Not wishing to mix my metaphors, but it’s real get back on the horse that just threw you off, kicked you and then bit your shoulder as you tried to get up kind of stuff.

Which brings me to this (via the Bristol Traffic blog) (worth a visit if you like tongue-in-cheek traffic commentary):

Robby Golbin of Psyclewerx in Bristol. Photo from the Bristol Traffic blogRobby Golbin, of Psyclewerx (what a fantastic name for a bike shop) likes his real mountain biking (i.e. actually involving mountains, instead of the road to the shops). The thing is, all off-roadies  sooner or later discover the delights of tyre-side up action. So Robby managed to come off, landing himself the classic off-roadie injury of a shoulder dislocation & associated soft tissue damage. From where I’m sitting, gravel rash sounds a whole lot more fun than that. Anyway, if you were a hard-core cyclist, and owner of a bike shop, you wouldn’t let a thing like that get you off two wheels, would you? Well, you might (I know I would – I’m a wimp), but not Robby.

Nope. He’s still cycling to work, one-handed, and  getting off to push his bike across junctions.

That’s real hardcore cycling dedication.

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