Bike Racks in NYC

This via the excellent Copenhagenize:

As part of the efforts to get more people cycling in New York, the city’s having a competition to design their future bike racks. They’ve now got a shortlist of ten:

Now I’m a HUGE fan of anything that’ll get more people cycling. But a couple of these designs give me real worries – it looks like they’ve been designed by sculptors (not in itself a bad thing), who’ve seen people riding bikes (a good thing), but not had any experience of how people steal bikes.

Oh dear!

The top left, and bottom row pictures show bikes ’secured’ by its front wheel – probably the easiest and one of the least expensive items to remove, while you make off with the rest of the bike.

Remember – lock your bike to something good and sturdy (like this sort of street furniture), but make sure that the frame and both wheels are secure.


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