Bike Theft Warning: Tel Aviv Style

These images are from the Bicyclog. When I first saw them, thought it was just a piece of street sculpture (seems to be a bit of a theme today). But no – it turns out that it’s a warning to bike thieves:

There’s another sign on the back of the bike too, and apparently they read,

We fed up with thieves
And the truth is that we already quite fed up with neglecting of the municipality and the police that made Tel Aviv to be a paradise for bicycle thieves

What can we do?
If at any time the bicycle is stolen we will complaint at the police station – the thieves will have no choice but to deal with this.

So there you go. I mean, it’s not as effective as leaving a bike thief naked and U-locked to a lamp post with a sign saying that they’ll cut the extremities off the next one caught. But it still gets the point across – these people are fed up sith thieving toe-rags, and they ain’t gonna take it any more!


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