Old School Kryptonite

Yanek from over at Bicyclog sent me these pictures from a 1970’s cycling book he has – The New Complete Book of Bicycling, by Eugene A. Sloane.

Take a look at this – it’s an early model Kryptonite lock! You can use your own padlock with it, as the body of the lock protects the padlock’s shackle (the loop bit). That’s great, because the shackle is the weak point of any padlock – you’ll notice on more expensive locks that the shackle’s almost always hidden within the body itself.

Old School Kryptonite LockIt’s also made of stainless steel. This does more than make it shiny – stainless is an interesting material that does something called “work hardening”. Basically if you mechanically stress it (say, by hitting it, or trying to cut it), it gets tougher – hard enough in fact to take the teeth off a hacksaw blade, or blunt most drill bits. Pretty cool, huh?

In one of the photos, the bike’s shown locked to a small tree. Of course, you know better than that, don’t you? A tree like this can be snapped by any schmuck that wants to steal your ride. Much better to lock up to something sturdy and metallic!

Old School Kryptonite Lock


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