Bike Lock – With Danish Design

I found this today over at Copenhagenize. It’s an innovative bike rack, but with built-in security measures:

Bike Pit from Holbech Design

What you do is wheel your bike into the guides, and then drop the cover down onto the saddle, thereby securing it. You lock this in place with your own lock. The idea is that the bike can’t be removed, and because the wheels are between those rails, even they’re safe.

It’s a nice, elegant piece of design / street furniture. But can you spot it’s weakness in it’s current configuration?


OK, I’ll tell you then. The bike’s still available to for anyone to walk away with if:

  • The seatpost’s on a quickrelease fixing.
  • The bike thief’s decided to leave their bolt croppers at home and just bring their allen keys out today.

In other words, if you lower the saddle, the bike can be removed. But this is a lovely piece of design, and just what we need to see more of in our cities. So, here’s how you get around those two shortcomings. Firstly, don’t have quickrelease fixing for your seatpost. Common sense really. But then how to get over the problem that the thief can still undo the allen bolt? What you do is, superglue a small ball-bearing into the head of the bolt. That way, it won’t accept the allen key to undo it. And if you ever need to take the ball bearing out, soak the head with a little acetone (nail polish remover) on a Q-tip to soften the superglue, and then prise the ball bearing out with a pin.

Bike Pit from Holbech Design


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