Dress Like A Hero

What we wear reflects more of our self image and sense of where we belong in the world than most of us would like to admit. Whether your personal style is conformist . . .

. . . or a little less restrained . . .

. . . how you wear what you wear speaks volumes about who you think you are, and often what you think your role in society is . . .

But trying to figure out what we should wear is often hard work, so we use mental maps, shortcuts and memes to take the load. We tend to dress like our heroes, though thankfully not too many of us dress like cycling superhero, Supergran . . .

No, I’m talking about the more everyday(ish) kind of hero – the people we look up to, and we’d be just like them if only we could. So Livestrong generates revenues from Lance Armstrong Wannabes (nothing wrong with that):

. . . while for others, despite the changing times, there’s still definitely something of the Audrey Hepburn look around . . .

. . . or for the chap about town, Gary Fisher’s recently been sporting a Dashing Tweeds outfit. And very smart they are too – though I’d have gone for the Sexton Suit, in the Purple Spot cloth, or maybe the New Black:

. . . but each to his own.

Finally, these rather smart hats recently caught my eye. Readers of Yehuda Moon & The Kickstand Cyclery will of course instantly recognise them . . .

. . . if only I had the chutzpah to carry it off!

So the point is, we all dress up whenever we step away from the wardrobe in the morning. Whether you dress up as a children’s TV presenter with day-glo Lycra, or as a post-war spiv on the make, or just someone who looks like everyone else around you is entirely your choice. It speaks volumes about who you are . . . but if you’re not hurting anyone else, don’t let anyone tell you not to be that person.

Just enjoy the ride.

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0 comments on “Dress Like A Hero
  1. John the Monkey says:

    Dave’s bike blog covered similar ground, taking in an historical perspective – check out the pics of Il Campionissimo on a training run…


  2. town mouse says:

    I think I’ll pass on the first outfit – it looks a bit chilly in a headwind, and think of the road rash…

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