Bicycles and Power Stations Part 2

There’s a definite link between bikes and power stations. First of all there was that programme on BBC with its bicycle power station and an unwitting bloke undressing on national TV.

Then there are these pictures from the Maslauf blog (a Slovenian fixed gear site) , that I found via Urban Velo . Basically these guys have turned the empty storage / feed reservoir from a hydroelectric power station into an impromptu, HUGE velodrome:

I’ve never been on a velodrome. But before I graduate up to one this size, perhaps I’d better try one of the smaller, practice ones I’ve seen on TV:

The only thing that worries me is that I might have to eat bran flakes. Like flakes of cardboard with negligible energy content. As a Scot, I’d have expected more from Sir Chris – at the very least some of that nice horsey food that they eat North of the border.

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0 comments on “Bicycles and Power Stations Part 2
  1. Never been on a velodrome ? You must. It’s fun !

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