Why Mountain Bikes Are Popular In UK Cities

It never ceases to amaze me the number of people I see riding around town on crazily shoddy mountain bike wannabe BSOs. Or probably even worse, the real deal – £2,000 worth of carbon, knobbly tyres and suspension travel to deal with roads that are for the most part smooth as Liv Tyler’s complexion. Well, nearly.

I’ve always wondered . . . "Why?"

Roads are smooth. If your tyres are smooth too, you go faster, or further for the same effort – whichever you want. If you have suspension on the bike, then some of your push-down is soaked up by the boing-de-boing (especially on BSO suspension). If you have flat bars that are lower than the saddle, then you will end up looking like a gorilla riding a bike. That’s fine in a gorilla’s natural forest habitat, but decidedly unflattering when you’re riding past Habitat .

So why does this style of bike persist?

To answer this question, you have to look more closely at the infrastructure provided for bikes in UK cities. Like these examples:

So next time you find yourself riding a mountain bike in town, and come across a car parked in the bike lane, be sure to take the direct route – directly over the top of the obstacle.

Just make sure you’re on a mountain bike though – one that can deal with the rough stuff – one that’s tough enough for a few jumps, is stable at low and high speed, and can take the odd knock. Without such a bike, you could easily get into all sorts of trouble:

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0 comments on “Why Mountain Bikes Are Popular In UK Cities
  1. Stein Inge Dahn says:

    I could not agree more!
    Whereas urban MTB- bikers sometimes remind me of gorillas, urban bikers on city bikes, sitting upright and watching the city life instead of the watching the asphalt, are looking civilized.
    Very civilized indeed! http://www.copenhagencyclechic.com/2009/11/sun-at-last.html

  2. Andreas says:

    lmao at that video! Agreed, I always wonder why on earth people ride mountain bikes everywhere in London. I have yet to see a road where I could need one

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