Road Signs For Riders

There’s been some chatter recently about road signs. Apparently there are a whole new set of ’em being rolled out across the US, as shown here on :

In the UK, we’re seeing more of these ones, which allow bikes to contraflow the wrong way down one-way streets:

Strangely, I’m not so sure that this is a good thing. Don’t get me wrong on this – it’s good to offer people on bikes a shortcut that’s unavailable to cars. But drivers are often unaware that for bikes at least, they’re on a two way street, and drive as if they own the damned road.

Meanwhile, via Rob Woolley on Facebook , I notice that the traffic signs in Italy are advising drivers of the hazards of an entirely different kind of rider:

Personally I’d rather stick with a Brooks saddle !

Do you have any unusual / new bike-related signs where you are?

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  1. But of course:

    (Not my pic – hope coolkiddo doesn’t mind the link)

  2. coolkiddo says:

    No problem!

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