Dry Evening Run

So this evening I had to drop my car in to the mending place (AGAIN), and took the opportunity to get in one of this week’s runs – a sneaky twelve-miler to get to Daughter’s Brownies session in time to pick her up.

Normally, I’d do this kind of distance as a run-walk, and carry some fluids with me – probably about 1/2 a litre. But with time pressing and no bottles with me, this wasn’t an option.

So I did it au naturelle. (By that I mean I just ran without any stops, not that I did it naked.)

Funny thing is that I reckon with a 20 minute run / 1 minute walk ratio, I’d have probably done a faster overall time. Hmmm – if only I had the time and inclination to do a whole series of tests on this and work it out properly . . .

Posted in North Tyneside, Run

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