Two Plus Two Equals Five

My comrade O’Brien would be proud of this. A first class piece of doublethink that encapsulates two apparently contradictory ideas. Yet by an act of will, you can see what you know to be the truth – irrespective of what’s before your eyes. Doublethink is the ability to find evidence for what you need to believe . . . no matter how apparently irrelivent the so-called facts are.

Take this example, from the Sheriff presiding over the inquiry into the death of Olympic cycling hopeful Jason MacIntyre . MacIntyre was killed when pick-up truck driver Robert MacTaggart failed to see him, and turned across his path. Sheriff Douglas Small said (my emphasis added),

“I am of the opinion that no cause, apart from the failure on the part of Mr MacTaggart to see Mr MacIntyre, can be identified.

“I am satisfied that Mr MacTaggart’s failure arose as a consequence of him not keeping a proper look-out of the road ahead of him when he turned across Mr MacIntyre’s path.”

Sheriff Small concluded: “Although Jason’s death could not have been avoided by him wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, all cyclists, including those in training, should wear a helmet when on public roads.

I’m shocked and stunned at the brilliance of his extrapolation of the facts to fit what seems to be his worldview. Obviously he is very high up in The Party, and able to doublethink his way to the Right Conclusion.

MacIntyre’s widow, Caroline is obviously not a Party Member, as she stated that the driver would not have seen her husband "whatever he was wearing".

MacTaggart had pleaded guilty to careless driving, and had already been fined £500 & banned from driving for six months before this inquiry. Doubtless he’ll be raising a glass of Victory Gin once that harsh and unnecessarily cruel punishment is behind him.

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One comment on “Two Plus Two Equals Five
  1. The irrelevance and pointless nature of the conclustion is as astounding as the doublethink.

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