Packing The Bike In Its Box

So more than a week before the race, and I’ve packed my bike in its box , ready for the flight to Nice:

Funny thing is, the bloke in that video makes it look really easy. Oh, hang on a minute – that’s me in that video, isn’t it?

Two things made it harder than you might think from the video:

  1. The bike has a set of tri-bars on for this race, married to regular drop handlebars. For a flatter race, I’d have ditched the drops for a flat set of base bars, but people who’ve done Ironman France before have told me that you need something comfy for the climb (1,800m of it), and comforting to hang onto on the way back down. Fitting the handlebars in was thus a nightmare, and I ended up partially dismantling them in the end.
  2. The bike has obviously grown.
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One comment on “Packing The Bike In Its Box
  1. Me says:

    Well done Mr Bean, see you in Nice…

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