If You Go Down To The Woods Today…

… well not today, but at the weekend, you’re sure of a big, bright yellow, two-saddled, sit-up-and-admire-the-view surprise:

Daughter’s Best Friend’s Parents (DBFP) own some woodland south of Durham, so we’d loaded up the tandem with some camping stuff, and headed off to camp for the night.

A hugely heavy tandem with five, wide-ratio gears, loaded up with camping equipment, and a 35 mile trip each way? You could be forgiven for thinking that it was another form of torture (perhaps I was missing the pain of the Cluster Bike already?). You couldn’t be more wrong.

Sausages cooked (OK – burnt) in billy cans, beans in their tin and spuds wrapped in tin foil in the hot embers. Reading bed-time stories by torchlight, and scrambled egg with toast done over an open fire for breakfast. AND we got to ride through some lovely countryside.

I’m telling ya’, it doesn’t get any better than this!

And of course, there was a warm welcome for us when we got home . . .

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