Riding No-Handed

Riding home with Daughter last week, I was making like a swan in flight with both my arms out wide. As we turned into our back lane, I looked over my shoulder to see Daughter also managing to ride no-handed. Woo! Way to go, etc! I turned back to watch where I was going, then heard the crash & scream from behind.

Yep – you know what had happened:

I guess this happens to everyone. I picked her up and cleaned up the bruises once we got into the house.

There’s something curiously graceful about riding no-handed though, as demonstrated in this video:

H.T. to no-handed panda-shooting EvilGordon for the link to the film!

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0 comments on “Riding No-Handed
  1. That video is amazing. I am bringing these moves to South London. Yes, even the laser eyes.

  2. Kim says:

    Ah yes, falling off your bike is an essential part of growing up… 😉

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