Sadly, The Roads In Britain’s Towns and Cities Are Too Narrow…

… to accommodate the size of monster lorry that we have now, let alone the 44 tonne ones proposed. Apparently,

…in 1962, the maximum lorry weight allowed on our roads was 24 tonnes. Over the succeeding 40 years the size and weight has risen inexorably to 32 tonnes, 38 tonnes, 40 tonnes, and now 44 tonnes. This increase was planned in the 1960s as part of the switch from rail to road, and the vehicles were designed for the planned motorways. Unfortunately, they are allowed to operate in our congested urban areas.

Take a look at this two-part video:

Depressingly, one of the policemen interviewed in this second part displays the kind of lazy, unimaginative thinking that’s driving this country onto the rocks ( << extra points if you can identify the source of that quote):

Society totally relies on the large goods vehicle to move its goods and products about. There are no alternatives. There are no realistic alternatives for moving them other than by large goods vehicles. And these goods vehicles are getting larger and larger all the time, to carry the volume of goods that our society requires.

This is just the sort of business-as-usual thinking that you’ll find in the Youtube comments of either half of the film, but especially the first one:

If you don’t like trucks, or drivers, don’t shop anywhere. Don’t dress, don’t wash. Live in a cave and grow your own food, drink water that fell from the sky.
Enough said!


I still award myself 3 points for every bi-cyclist I hit and it’s not just urban areas!!! Go and drive on a dual carriageway and see them bunched up about 5 or 6 across the carriageway, give them a warning that you’re behind them with the horn and they ignore you so no wonder there are many injured cyclists……

The solution to “TheSlapdown’s” comment is kinda obvious, and is the conclusion to the second part of the film. Monster lorries do have their place, but it’s not in our town centres – we need alternative, smaller vehicles to handle the last few miles of the distribution of all these goods that we seem so intent on burning our money on.

And to those (who I guess would either be in the haulage industry, or brainwashed by the haulage industry) who’d bleat on about how it’d increase the price of a tin of beans, I ask this:

To the nearest…

…penny, exactly…

…how much is a…

…human life worth…

…for the baked bean…

…buying shoppers…

…of the UK?

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One comment on “Sadly, The Roads In Britain’s Towns and Cities Are Too Narrow…
  1. Paul M says:

    At the vigil for Ellie Carey in Bermondsey last week, there must have been a couple of hundred people gathered on the pavement at the junction where Ellie died under the wheels of a HGV, many of those holding lighted candles, others holding various placards appealing for pedestrian/cyclist road safety. There were those yellow signs the police put up to appeal for witnesses, scattered all around.

    And still some moron in a 7.5 tonner steamed through sounding his horn and bludgeoning his way through the crowds spilling off the pavment onto the road.

    The police were there in some force. Did they do anything?

    What do you think?

    I guess their brief was limited to ensuring the mourners didn’t make a nuisance of themselves.

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