Cycle Path With Knobs On

Remember my favourite cycle path on the route into Newcastle?

How could one possibly improve on this? It needs more chutzpah, more pizzazz. In an ideal world, we’d get out our blue paint, and make it look like a Proper Piece Of Cycle Infrastructure. But we didn’t have any blue paint with us last night. So how to add some bells and whistles to this superb, safe and convenient bike route?

How about putting a knob on it?

There – much better! Just like a London Cycle Route in fact!

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4 comments on “Cycle Path With Knobs On
  1. lee kenney says:

    Too much Top Gear!

  2. Downfader says:

    My little non-destructive routine it to lift their wipers. (Not in heavy winds obviously). Drivers like that have a habit of parking on the zebra crossings at our local hospitals.

  3. Looks like Ostfildern: There’s always one, and it’s usually a Mercedes.

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