Newspaper Cycling Safety Campaigns

First there was this on the front page of The Independent last April:

Then today, this in The Times (do visit their page and sign up):

So now we eagerly wait to see if the other opinion-forming newspapers will fall into line. Rumour has it that The Daily Mail will be next – here’s an advanced copy of their front page for next Monday:

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5 comments on “Newspaper Cycling Safety Campaigns
  1. mr endon says:

    The Times of all organs?
    has this been run past Matthew “Piano wire’s too good for the likes them” Parris, and Jeremy “Get in my way and I’ll run you over for fun” Clarkson?

  2. mr endon says:

    What I especially hate about your software is that you can neither preview, nor re-visit to edit, a post.

  3. Tee hee. But how will all this affect the housing market?

  4. KarlOnSea says:

    Richard – D’oh! The one flaw in my brilliant spoof!

  5. Paul M says:

    I seem to recall taht recently the Mail Online had a fairly enlightened blog post form one of its staff journos.

    The responses were, of course, fairly antediluvian. Lots of road tax, licence plates fo cyclsist, and they all jump red lights etc.

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