How to Dress Like Your Hero, Yehuda Moon

You probably know that I’m a big fan of Rick Smith’s daily comic strip, Yehuda Moon. It’s the story of daily life in a bike shop, owned by ex-commercial property developer and idealist Yehuda Moon, and staffed by racer-turned-wrench Joe King and Thistle Gin – a hot, tech-savvy woman with a degree in engineering.


Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you too can now dress like Yehuda. You’ll need:

A Walz Caps cap

A nice, sensible bike

You probably have some sensible, natural fibre clothes to wear. If you don’t, army surplus shops sell the kind of khaki shorts and olive green jumpers that Yehuda is so fond of.

But what you’re probably wondering is what to do about the beard to complete the ensemble:

You might think you need to grow your own, and until now that was the only solution. But then this came on the market:

Yes indeed – the Internet is a very strange place indeed!

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One comment on “How to Dress Like Your Hero, Yehuda Moon
  1. I like the cartoon. I haven’t locked a bike to a car, but I’ve been known to park the Bakfiets right by a driver’s door when they park in an entrance and locking it. It is possible to move the bike but at 40kilos empty it’s quite a job…

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