Equine Medicine And The Bicycle

I’m a big fan of Gary Larson’s The Far Side comics. Like all the best surrealism, they have their roots in reality.

Like this one:

This got me thinking…

Diagnosis Treatment
Tired Ride a bike
Sad Ride a bike
Happy Ride a bike
Late for work Ride a bike
Rainy weather Ride a bike
Overweight Ride a bike
Look good in Lycra Ride a bike
Comfortable clothes Ride a bike
Meeting friends Ride a bike
Want alone time Ride a bike
Stuck in traffic Ride a bike
Crippling fuel prices Ride a bike
Too much shopping to carry Ride a bike
Global warming Ride a bike
Neighbourhood breakdown Ride a bike
Old car smell Ride a bike
Car repair bill Ride a bike
Car insurance costs Ride a bike

As people far smarter than me have pointed out – it’s not that the bicycle solves any one problem, so much as it being part of the solution to many problems.

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2 comments on “Equine Medicine And The Bicycle
  1. Nathan says:

    Great idea, I’ve been thinking about how the NHS should prescribe cycling as a cure for various ailments! I seem to remember a silly experiment where the NHS paid for gym membership? Come on doctors, start a research project using bikes to cure illness.

  2. Paul M says:

    There’s a great one available as a postcard, which would be fund to adapt but you woudld need some drawing skills.

    In its original form, it shows two dinosaurs, furtively grabbing a smoke. The caption is “Why the dinosaurs became extinct”.

    Reckon you could draw a dinosaur driving a car?

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