Cambridge’s Reckless Cyclists

This is a disgrace. Only Jake and Colin are wearing helmets. Do these people not understand the risks in a typical home?

Apparently, the film maker was just 15 years old. Makes me feel ancient!

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5 comments on “Cambridge’s Reckless Cyclists
  1. Joe says:

    I think they do understand the risks in the home – at 3:19 he’s wearing a helmet in the house. Very wise!

  2. KarlOnSea says:

    Oh yes – Jake and Hal are OK (but where’s Hal’s hi-viz?). And as for Seanna, Olive, Ruby and Naomi… well, they’ve only themselves to blame for any accidents they have.

  3. Nathan says:

    I liked the video. More and more exposure for cycling has to be good. Please take a look at my blog about cycling in and around Alsager in Cheshire.

  4. Rob the Aussie says:

    What I wouldn’t have noticed is anything to do with helmets (and they’re compulsory here!!).
    What I did notice is that Colin from University Cycles allegedly used a small shifting spanner on a front-wheel nut, not an LBS I’d use as a result.

  5. Rob the Aussie says:

    oops! I just realised I watched it without sound – perhaps I missed something about helmets?

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