A New Cycling Sport?

Several sports have their roots in acts of violence – boxing (OK, that’s still pretty violent), archery, javelin, and of course, motor racing.

But how’s about this for a new cycling sport, demonstrated at last year’s Cycle Messenger World Championships:

When a driver comes within inches of killing you, this can be pretty tempting. But it’s also a bit illegal and likely to land you with a bigger fine than if you’d run over and killed someone. That’s why I keep my D-lock right at the bottom of my bag – to keep temptation out of a good guy’s way.

Maybe we should try the whole love-your-enemy thing instead? I’m off to the florist to get some flowers to hand out to errant motorists!

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4 comments on “A New Cycling Sport?
  1. Downfader says:

    Isn’t that how a proportion of motorists see us anyway?

  2. KarlOnSea says:

    You mean as the Good Guys?

  3. Sadly, you’re probably right about the fine being bigger than for killing someone with a car.

    I think I’ll play it safe and steer clear of D-Locks altogether: if some motorists see this they’ll take it as an excuse to attack anyone with a D-lock…

  4. dr2chase says:

    I thought it was the responsibility of drivers to avoid the dangerous messengers. Only yourself to blame if you or your car gets hurt, right?

    Or is that not the way it’s supposed to work?

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