Your Car – It’s The Blue Pill

Here’s how they want you to see the world:

It’s not really like that though, is it? If you drive regularly, the chances are, this is more like what you experience:

Let’s face it. Thanks to the power of advertising spend, your car (and mine too) is a form of mind control.

It’s time to wake up.

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4 comments on “Your Car – It’s The Blue Pill
  1. Erik Griswold says:

    Fun also in that the Volvo V60 (the S60 is tho’) is not available in the USA, while that Volvo V60 advert was filmed in downtown Los Angeles (using closed streets), except for the opening segment where the driver leaves home which I am pretty sure was shot on the Warner Brothers Studio Lot. So much for reality.

  2. Oddly people preffer the Illusion of Freedom to the real thing…

  3. algernond says:

    I don’t approve of that Father’s language in the second video

  4. Paul M says:

    It’s the online ads that really get me. I don’t know whether it is something weird that I have done online, that makes the various commercial sites like Google or media sites send me ads for stuff like cars or Halfords car accessories, or perhaps everyone gets this particular example: I followed the link from @aseasyasriding to the West Sussex Observer, where a letter objected to the tone of an op-ed piece by a local councilllor in Horsham, which was a bigoted anti-cyclist rant. the writer observed among other things that his wife, when carrying their small son in a child seat, would only ride on the pavement because she considereed the road too dangerous.

    “Road” appeared as a link – if you ran your mouse over it, up popped an ad for pre-owned Jaguars. A big brutish car somes roaring out of the screen at you, enough to give you a heart attack if it were real.

    So why did they have to do that? Or does the WS Observer have a fine sense of irony?

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