Friday Caption Contest

I’ve been busy. It’s been summer (ish). You’ve been elsewhere.

But now it’s back – our flippin’ fabulous fun Friday caption contest. So what do you make of this:

Leave your answer below. The lucky winner will win one of these fabulous bikes to add to their stable. 1,999 runners up will also receive one of these bikes – we’ve got to get rid of them somehow.

Good luck!

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9 comments on “Friday Caption Contest
  1. Tom says:

    “after we steal your bikes our fleet of trucks bring them here to a secret desert location where they are melted down and remanufactured into Urban SUV’s”

  2. Jim Davis says:

    …then the aliens said they suffered terrible traffic congestion and pollution on their planet so I told them to come back some day as I may have a surprise…

  3. Andrew says:

    Dave was still trying to prove that the ideal number of bikes was N+1

  4. Koen says:

    “I just left my own bike and my wife’s here last Wednesday. It looks like they’ve gone and multiplied in the meantime”

  5. lee keney says:

    Valet parking at Burning Man , it is hard to get good help !

  6. Donny says:

    dude where’s my bike?

  7. Nathan says:

    They were all setting off on the Jesus Ride…. then there was this sort of trumpet sound….. Oh Shit I should have listened.

  8. Paul Jackson says:

    Amsterdam 2050: The canals all dried up, and look what we found!

  9. Bike Hound says:

    We’ve just discovered the ancient Egyptians were much more advanced than we previously thought.

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