Cargo Bike Century Ride

There are usually just two different kinds of century ride – Metric (100km ~62 miles) and Imperial (100 miles).

I do a lot of baking at home (kneading bread dough is good for my anger issues), so I go through semi-industrial quantities of flour. I’ve also become known amongst Wife’s friends as the man to go to for flour, so yesterday in all I had orders for three sixteen-kilo sacks of flour.

The obvious way to collect these was by bike, and I rode the cargo bike the fifteen miles to work:

…and after a trip to the bakers, I rode it home…

Here’s what 48kg of flour looks like:

That’s 48kg of flour, which is 105.7lbs. Add to this my lock, waterproofs, laptop, toolkit, etc, and you get to a shade over 112lbs, which is a hundredweight – 1cwt.

So that’s the THIRD kind of cycling century – a hundredweight cargo ride!

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2 comments on “Cargo Bike Century Ride
  1. dr2chase says:

    And how was the handling?

  2. Adam says:

    About the same weight as the two kids I put in mine. Hard work on the hills isn’t it!

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