Most Likely Outcome of Causing Death By Dangerous Driving

Today’s I Bike London post references some statistics collated by the Cycling Silk on the outcomes of 20 court cases this year in which a driver was charged with causing death by careless or inconsiderate driving.

He breaks the sentencing down, listing the lengths of any driving bans, prison terms, or other punishment (community  orders for the most part). As a bit of a stats nerd, I was curious to see what the average (mean) was for each:

  • Average length of driving ban: 18.3 months
  • Average length of prison term: 2.45 months
  • Average community order: 84.5 hours

Remember, these are for cases where the drivers actions have resulted in someone’s death.

The result is more telling if we look at the mode of the sentence passed – i.e. the outcome that appears most frequently:

  • Most likely length of driving ban: 0 months (5 out of 20 cases)
  • Most likely length of prison term: 0 months (16 out of 20 cases)
  • Most likely length of community order: 0 months (11 out of 20 cases)

That’s right. If your driving has resulted in the death of another human being, and the CPS has deemed that there’s a good enough chance of securing a conviction to take it to court, there’s still a pretty good chance that you’ll get away scott free.

So don’t worry if you’ve an enemy / nemesis / spouse that you want out of the picture, but can’t afford a hit man. Just get in your car – the odds are stacked in your favour!

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