*It’s not normally this boozy…

I got sent out to the shops on my winter Fugly bike. 19kg of “essentials” later, I’m home:

Yes those are lever arch files, and yes that is tramp-strength Dutch lager & fighting-talk Hobgoblin beer. Oh, and some cider. And some fizzy wine. And a shedload of chocolate.

I just want to reassure you that it’s not normally that boozy. Stocking up for various Christmas parties over the next three days. You know how it is. Ditto for the vast quantity of butter & chocolate – I’m baking A LOT of millionaire’s shortbread to take to said parties as nibbles.

ANYWAY… the real message here is that you don’t need a car to go shopping. This little lot was collected on this bike:

Substitute some vegetables, bread and pasta for all that booze & butter**, and it’s probably not far off a week’s shopping. All collected in a single trip on a bike that, if I hadn’t gone silly with the tyres, was essentially free.

*HT & Alternative title for this post: Veni, vidi, certavisset.

** We’re not substituting anything for that chocolate though. As everyone knows, chocolate is:

a) One of the five main food groups
b) Made from cocoa beans, and therefore technically a vegetable and Good For You.

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One comment on “*It’s not normally this boozy…
  1. OFOAB says:

    Chocolate , the very name conjures up images of sultry Aztecs , and had the Vikings gone just a little farther south. Berserk vikings are wimps on chocolate Ps Chocolate with chilies , try “Death by Chocolate ” , add chilis .

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