“Do Not Feed The Mamils”

That’s the caption suggested by Andy Lulham for this photo from the Leeds University Bicycle User Group:

Can you do better?

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13 comments on ““Do Not Feed The Mamils”
  1. townmouse says:

    ‘No, Councillor, that isn’t *quite* what we had in mind when we said we wanted segregation for bikes’

  2. John the Monkey says:

    Road Safety experts approve new measure to curb the menace of pedal cycles. “For too long, our streets have run with blood because of these lycra louts”, said councillor Arthur Bufon, in an interview conducted by ‘phone as he drove to his office “caging these dangerous machines will protect the public from further depradation, and is an important step in promoting the responsible sharing of roads in the borough.”

  3. John the Monkey says:

    The “Austerity” Great Exhibition not as impressive as 1851 Great Exhibition, complain critics.

  4. John the Monkey says:

    CONFUSION REIGNS as “Sheffield Stands #12” by conceptual artist Pierre Moton is installed in Leeds.

  5. John the Monkey says:

    OUTRAGE as Eric Pickles’ snack storage area occupied by transport that doesn’t have engines, four wheels.

  6. John the Monkey says:

    LEEDS zoo implements new chimp enclosure. Hopes to have the primates spontaneously re-enact famous PG Tips “Tour de France” advert by 2014.

  7. John the Monkey says:

    DAILY MAIL readers’ dreams come true as two bikes jailed for not paying road tax. “Today Leeds, tomorrow the world” said a man.

  8. John the Monkey says:

    LEAVES stage non violent protest at exclusion from “Bicycle VIP area”.

  9. john the monkey says:

    NEW “Flintstones” car still needs work, says inventor – rues decision to power by bicycle, build out of mesh.

  10. John the Monkey says:

    “SORRY mate, I didn’t see you” says cage delivery man.

  11. John the Monkey says:

    OUTRAGE as Leeds plans for austerity Royal visit revealed – Queen to tour the city on red bicycle mounted throne, say council leaders.

  12. koen says:

    In view of the agressive behaviour of cyclists turning rampant, we have recently taken every precaution possible. We have already caged a family of three found sneakily riding a back alley.

  13. John the Monkey says:

    NEW large capacity rickshaw design “fundamentally flawed” says inventor.

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