Nerdy January Stats

It’s been a couple of years since I bothered to track my mileage. But a brief Twitter conversation with Neil from the Stockton Cycle Hub got me wondering how far I ride my bike. In previous years when I’ve bothered to measure this it’s been because I was training for something or other, so this year will be different – it’s pretty much all getting around town, going to the shops, getting to work kind of cycling.

Here are the details for January:

  • I cycled on 23 out of 31 days
  • Total mileage: 500.2 miles
  • Total time: 41.5 hours (that’s 9h:22m a week)
  • Average speed: 12mph (winter – slow heavy bike, ice and snow. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it)
  • Total calories burned: 23,039 – equivalent to:
    • 100 Big Macs, or
    • 90 pints of lager, or
    • 91 jam doughnuts, or
    • 95 mars bars, or
    • 40 fish’n’chip suppers
    • Equivalent to approximately 3.1 litres or petrol, so roughly 735mpg
For some comparison, I drove the car…
  • Three times
  • Total mileage: 38 miles
  • Approximate fuel consumption: 0.7 Imp. galons at 54mpg

Now we start to see how wildly inefficient the car is (aside from the inefficiencies in how it consumes money & resources in its manufacture). It consumes nearly fourteen-times the resources required to get around by bike.

And none of those resources involve jam doughnuts, beer, or chocolate!

You can track this sort of thing, plus a whole host of other stuff (swimming, walking , running, whatever) at

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