Fixie Vs Reynolds Roadster

My mate Tom has been working on a Project. Basically he had a Very Sensible Dutch Bike (VSDB), but was frustrated at its lack of agility & the Grand Canyon-esque spacing of its three gears. So he hatched a plan to take a modern Reynolds 531 bike equipped with a Shimano 11 speed hub, disc brakes &c. and turn it into a stealth scalper of would-be racers.

The finished product is quite impressive, and had me stroking my chin for a while. I basically want a bike that Does It All – speed, comfort, style, and low cost. I started researching the idea of building something similar – maybe as a replacement for the Pashley. I figured that I could probably cut its weight by half (to around 13Kg), and end up with a bike that could put on a decent speed, without any concession to what I’d wear off the bike.

Tom’s bike is a thing of engineering elegance, and yet… I used to be an engineer, and I know about drag, wind resistance, human power outputs, and stuff like that.

So I don’t think I’m going to be building myself a Reynolds Roadster. Though I may choose to do some mods to the Fixie…

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5 comments on “Fixie Vs Reynolds Roadster
  1. miketually says:

    A Q Bike! –

    Kent Peterson wrote about a bike he called a speed cruiser once. Usually based around an old MTB frame with swept back handlebars so you get a reasonably upright position, with reasonably big slick tyres for speed and full mudguards for comfort.

    I have most of the parts I need. Hmmmmm….

  2. KarlOnSea says:

    Yep. I think that’s what Tom’s built.

    I was thinking of a fixie based on a steel-frame touring bike, moustache bars, mudguards, chaincase and a front rack. Run it with 700×32 tyres & gear it at 42/15 for the summer & 42/17 for the winter.

  3. Could there be a ‘carspotters’ version of the poster?

    “Choose life, Choose driving. Choose congestion. Choose no fresh air. Choose ****ing long commutes looking at the car in front. Choose massive fuel bills. Choose stress and swearing at other drivers. Choose enviously watching cyclists cruise past as you wait for another set of lights. Choose heart failure…” etc.

  4. KarlOnSea says:

    I’m on the case…

  5. […] to Andy in Germany for getting me started on this. There are two versions of the above (one is as shown here, and the other has been f**king cleaned […]

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