Friday Caption Contest: Stunt Edition

First up, let’s look at the results for last week’s caption contest. The winner is of course Betty, who correctly identified that on high-end bikes like the Townsend pictured, almost everything is now seen as an optional add-on that you pay for. Having done so, she immediately spotted the problem with the tyres:

The rider must be new and forgot to have them installed.”

Anyway, while leafing through my complete collection of old copies of the Daily Mail, I came across this story from last month:

Agony of bike daredevil: Catalogue of injuries keeps internet stunt sensation from cycling for two years”

Yep – it turns out that Danny MacAskill has found out that learning how to do, and then performing his totally amazing stunts is enough to push your body past its breaking point. So now he’s barely able to walk, and has headed off to California to see a doctor who specialises in re-assembling stunt men (and women) for the movie business.

We of course wish Danny well… But this photo of him from the Mail’s article does need a caption, doesn’t it:

Best caption this week wins a fabulous prize: Enough Redbull to give you wings like Danny’s. Second prize is enough* of Aldi’s ersatz-Redbull to make you think this is how you should ride to work.

Good luck!

*DISCLAIMER: “Enough” as in slightly less than half a can. Some people may experience side-effects from larger doses. If you experience hallucinations, visual disturbances, tremors, vomiting, skin rashes, hear voices, develop phobia of bright lights, or any other unexpected symptoms, consult you dealer doctor immediately. Always read the label. Take care not to spill onto painted surfaces, skin, or clothes. Do not mix with other chemicals.**

** Some (all) of this may be untrue

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2 comments on “Friday Caption Contest: Stunt Edition
  1. mikey2gorgeous says:

    Danny’s attempt at building a recumbent was doomed from the outset

  2. […] done to our last competition’s winner, Mikey2Gorgeous, who despite his / her clearly delusional name, was the only […]

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