Friday Caption Contest: Made From Lego

Well done to our last competition‘s winner, Mikey2Gorgeous, who despite his / her clearly delusional name, was the only entrant. My guess is that no-one wanted to risk winning the second prize. That doesn’t matter though, because the caption,

Danny’s attempt at building a recumbent was doomed from the outset

was clearly a winner. Your crate of Redbull is in the post.

This week, I read with interest that someone has built a full-size X-wing Fighter out of 5.3 million Lego bricks. It doesn’t fly, but it IS the largest Lego model ever. Rumour has it that the Empire has plans for a much larger construction, which will be roughly the size of a small moon. You heard it here first.

ANYWAY… This week’s caption contest features a street scene that some will find familiar (you may click to embiggen):

The question is, what does this scene represent?

Best answer wins a great prize this week: The perfect personal transporter for the discerning Sith.

Good luck!

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5 comments on “Friday Caption Contest: Made From Lego
  1. Skip Owens says:

    A cyclist that has been hit on the road by an alien driving a taxi…happens ALL the time!

  2. bergonom says:

    Looks like this cab had a *close encounter* with the bike. Heh heh. Get it?

  3. mikey2gorgeous says:

    George Michael quizzed by police over use of Ghetto Blaster in RTA with Chris Huhne while Andrew Ridgley hides behind car.

  4. lee kenney says:

    After a dismal career in accounting, Emma Way became a taxi driver .

  5. […] done to Lee Kenney who was the winner of last week’s caption contest with, “After a dismal career in accounting, Emma Way became a taxi […]

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