Whitley Bay in Regular Clothes: Claire

This is Claire, back on her imported Dutch bike for the first time on over a year. The last time she rode, it was on her way from work to the maternity ward – stopping along the way to deal with contractions.

Well I’m pretty bloomin’ impressed by that.

Check out the details from yesterday evening, when we had a discussion on the cycle route that passes through Cullercoats…

  • VERY sensible bike…
  • Trousers that won’t get stuck in the chain…
  • Smiley-face socks…
  • North sea coast summer-grade coat… Not so much sensible as just essential for survival in this never-to-arrive summer we’re having here.
Another brilliant resident of Whitey Bay out and about in regular clothes!
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One comment on “Whitley Bay in Regular Clothes: Claire
  1. Karl Roche says:

    Proper bike. I wish we could get away from the fake mountain bike obsession retailers and the public has in the UK. This is the sort of bike my nan and great aunt had, which I would cycle on when I was five – literally bobbing up and down with the pedals.

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