@Parcel2Go – Not My Favourite

I had some hassle with my latest Ebay purchase, which I booked to be delivered through Parcel2Go.com.

I booked a next-day delivery to my office address, reasoning that even though I wouldn’t be there for the whole day, someone would be. Except Parcel2Go’s subcontractor, TNT just didn’t deliver, and I when I had to leave at 6pm, one of my colleagues waited in for another 45 minutes for this expected arrival. When she had to go home, she texted me, and at about the same time Parcel2Go’s tracking updated that they’d missed the delivery slot (it was a 9-5:30 slot), and would deliver on the next working day. Last weekend being a Bank Holiday, what that meant was although I’d paid for a next day delivery, I would end up with a five-day delivery.

To try and ease the pain of this, I called TNT to see if they could redirect the shipment to my home address – I persuaded MrsOnSea to wait in for it on Tuesday. Unbelievably they said they could :-). Except when I called again on Tuesday morning to see if they could give me an approximate delivery time, I got a completely different story, and they weren’t certain if they were delivering to my home or work address. 😦

In the end it was my work address, which mean I had to make an otherwise unnecessary trip later in the week into Newcastle and back, and carry a box weighing 15kg to and from the Metro. 15Kg is pretty light when you just pick it up, but it gets heavy very quickly.

Unsurprisingly, I’m pretty miffed at this, and feel that Parcel2Go have failed to live up to their side of the contract I made with them. So I want a refund – I can accept that they did deliver the parcel eventually, but there’s a price differential between what I paid for and what I got that I’d like them to recognise.

The trouble is, in common with a lot of web-based companies, it seems almost impossible to contact them to make a complaint (I challenge you to find a simple “contact us” form on their site), so in the end I resorted to Twitter and live-chat…

Welcome to Parcel2go.com. Someone shall be with you shortly.

You are now connected with Rowan

Karl McCracken: Hi Rowan

Rowan: Welcome to Parcel2go.com online. How can I help you today?

Karl McCracken: I’d like to make a claim for a late delivery please.

Rowan: Unfortunately we are unable to compensate for late deliveries Karl as delivery times are not guaranteed

Karl McCracken: I paid for next day. It took five days. This isn’t a time issue so much as P2G’s subcontractor not sticking to their end of the deal.

Rowan: I do understand your frustration Karl but unfortunately we cannot compensate for this

Karl McCracken: I’ve already been offered a £30 credit by your Twitter account. So you can and now we’re just haggling over the details.

Rowan: Can I ask who on the twitter team said this please Karl?

Karl McCracken: Let me just dig out a link to the tweet for you…

Rowan: Thank you Karl

Karl McCracken: Here you go: https://twitter.com/Parcel2Go/status/338718994011930625

Rowan: Thanks

Karl McCracken: … and here’s the story with TNT: They just didn’t deliver on the agreed date, and even though they had a contact number for the office I was waiting in, they didn’t call to say they’d messed up. First I know about their delivery run scheduling problem was when they updated the status at 6:30 in the evening. I called them over last weekend, and they agreed to re-deliver to my home address, so my wife spent the day waiting in for them. When I called around mid-morning to see if they had an approximate delivery time, they had no record of my earlier call. After some digging, they said that they did, but couldn’t confirm for sure that they hadn’t given instructions for an alternate delivery address. Basically they let you down big time, and as a result I’ve wasted a boat load of time, and made an unnecessary trip into Newcastle to collect my parcel. >:o(

Rowan: Ok Karl, I’m just looking into this for you, I can understand your frustration at that though

Karl McCracken: Thanks Rowan.

Rowan: Ok Karl, the £30 has been added to your prepay ccount

Rowan: *account

Karl McCracken: I don’t have a pre-pay account.

Rowan: If you register the email address this order was made with it will automatically appear there

Karl McCracken: At this stage, I’m really not sure that I’ll be using P2G again, so I’d like a refund. Cash in the bank is worth more than a balance on an account I’ll probably not use!

Rowan: I’m just going to pass you onto my colleague who will be able to further assist you with this

Please wait while I transfer the chat to William.

You are now connected with William

Karl McCracken: Sure – thanks.

William: Hi Karl

Karl McCracken: Hi William.

William: You need tp register an account with us to get the prepay 🙂

Karl McCracken: I’d like a refund against my debit card instead please.

William: Can you confirm the email used to book please Karl?

Karl McCracken: Sure – it’s xxxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.xxx.xx

Karl McCracken: The consignment number was P2Gabcdefghijk

William: Thank you

William: One monent please

William: OK a the prepay has been added I cannot do this Karl

William: You will need to register to access this

Karl McCracken: I paid for a service which you did not deliver. There were numerous other costs associated with this as a result. I’m not asking for these to be taken into account, just that you recognise that as it stands, I *won’t* be using Parcel2Go.com again, so the “prepay refund” is a hollow gesture. It’s not far off adding insult to injury.

William: I am truly sorry for this but did you accept this Kar

Karl McCracken: No, I did *NOT* accept this. Please review this chat.

William: Goodwil is only ever given as prepay Karl, I am sorry you feel this is hollow

Karl McCracken: It’s not goodwill we’re talking about – it’s failure to deliver your end of the contract.

William: I am sorry but I am not able to offer a refund here Karl

Karl McCracken: Please can you identify which clause in your Terms of Service you believe excludes this. http://www.parcel2go.com/content/about-terms.aspx

William: Prepay has been added as goodwill for the delay in the delivery but this was delievered. We do not guarantee the delivery date as we are a 3rd party service Karl

Karl McCracken: My contract is with Parcel2Go.com, and was for “Next Day” delivery. You did not meet the implied terms of this.

William: We do state on the order and on our website: Parcel delivery within 1-2 working days throughout most of UK’s mainland. Collection and Delivery are not guaranteed but currently enjoy a very high success rate

William: http://www.parcel2go.com/service/tnt-uk-express-service.aspx

William: We expressly advise our terms

Karl McCracken: That’s the general page for TNT. I explicitly booked TNT’s next day service with you. Not the Next Day-ish one.

William: This is the TNT Express Service Karl

Karl McCracken: No. The one I bought had “Next Day” written across the top of the quotation.

William: This is a next day service , a 1-2 working day service

William: But we advise we cannot 100% guarantee this Karl

Karl McCracken: By that do you mean Day1: collection. Day 2: delivery?

Karl McCracken: And while I can accept that nothing is 100% reliable, I cannot accept the lack of communication from your subcontractor in this contract.

William: I am truly sorry for the experince but we have compensated with the prepay. I am afraid I was not privy to how this was offered etc and so cannot comment

Karl McCracken: Scroll up through the chat log. It’s all there.

William: I am sorry Karl but I cannot speak with the social media team at the moment about this

Karl McCracken: I tell you what. This has taken quite a bit of time and I have somewhere to be. Do you have a case reference number or similar so we can resume this later?

William: P2Gabcdefg is the one you will need Karl, I am sorry that I have not been able to resolve this but I have advsed all I can

Karl McCracken: That’s fine, and thanks for your efforts this evening anyway.

Karl McCracken: Laters!

Hats off to Rowan & William (I’m now wondering if those are joke names – Rowan Williams… geddit?!), but I’m obviously not satisfied with the outcome of this so far.

More on this later.

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