So Where Did All The Cars Go?

The streets around where we live are being repaired. Some get patches on potholes, while some have been deemed beyond that and get a full re-surfacing.

It takes a few days to plane the old surface off, adjust the heights of manhole covers & drains, and then put down a new beautifully smooth layer of shiny black tarmac. Of course, that means no parking in the street:

It’s like going back 90 years or so.

The question is though, where did all the cars go?

Google Streetview – showing normality

I can’t find them anywhere. Neighbouring streets aren’t crowded, there don’t seem to be any others in back lanes, and there isn’t a secret carpark somewhere. It’s like they’ve just vanished. I suspect alien abduction, but the reality is probably a lot more mundane – there are nowhere near as many cars as there first seem, and they just slot in here and there, almost invisible but in plain sight on other streets.

So next time someone says that streets aren’t wide enough for parking AND bike lanes, planters, hopscotch, and people, ask them what would happen to the parking if the local council had to resurface the road.

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