North East Young Drivers – Staying Alive

I go to a regular business networking breakfast, and one of the other guys there specialises in driver safety training.

Lee’s a good bloke, and very hot on the kind of thing that I also see as important – not using the phone at all while driving, actually sticking to the speed limits, giving other road users enough room, etc.

Car Crash - I bet he said "It won't happen to me".

“It is alarming that a fifth of people killed or seriously injured on our roads in 2011 were involved in a collision where at least one driver was aged 17-24”

-Patrick McLoughlin, Transport Secretary, 25th March 2013

Anyway, Lee’s running a driver training workshop that’s aimed at younger drivers in the area. Think of it like a “speed awareness course” to be taken before they clock up points or kill / maim themselves, their friends or innocent bystanders. A little prevention that’s a whole lot easier to swallow than a lot of cure.

Lee’s workshops are full of graphic examples, but also delivered in a conversational, light-touch style that really gets the point across. He really does change driver behaviour.

He’ll be covering:

  • Speed (yes, speed does kill)
  • Using mobile phones (calls, texting, etc. Just don’t)
  • Crash Vs accident (hint: the latter is a myth)
  • Observation techniques (avoiding ever having to say “Sorry mate, I didn’t see you”?)

This workshop is aimed at 16-25 year old drivers, but parents are also welcome to attend.

It’s on the 28th August at Blaydon Rugby Club (to be confirmed), starting at 12:30. The cost is just £25 per person – less than half the price of a tank of petrol.

For more details and booking, phone Lee Brown on 0191 271 3417 / 07917 663 049. If he’s driving, he won’t answer, so just leave a message!

Oh, and here’s a video of the other kind of staying alive:

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