Friday Caption Contest: Please Play Nicely

I’m left speechless. But maybe there’s something subtle afoot that could be explained by filling in the blanks:

Prize for this week’s best entry: A much nicer place to ride your bike.

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3 comments on “Friday Caption Contest: Please Play Nicely
  1. Andy says:

    Man with lollipop: My car’s parked on the pavement, just out of shot.
    Man in car: Oy! Shift your bike, I want to park on the zig-zags.
    Man on bike: What’s the quickest way to Holland?

  2. Anon says:

    Man in badly fitting suit: Just carry a big lollipop and people will be nice to you
    Man on bike: I’ve got a silver helmet
    Man in car: Get OFF My Road!

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