Moulton Bloke

I love Moultons. No idea why though. There used to be a guy who took one on the Shields Ferry about fifteen years ago, and I’d always find myself casting it sidelong glances of deepest longing. Makes you realise why Victorians insisted on properly attired table legs*.

But what is it about them? Sure, that space frame construction is sorta cool, but I used to be a manufacturing engineer. So what I see is a whole bunch of expensive preparation and welds in awkward positions.

Then there’s that whole disassembly thing. You can take a Moulton to pieces! Well, yes, technically. The cables have special connectors in them, and with a few turns of some screw things, the frame separates into two parts. But then what? Having carried a folded Brompton, I suppose the Moulton has the advantage that you can have half in each hand, so you walk more balanced? But convenient? No, not really.

Apparently they ride well, and do pack down into a small space. Yeah – blah, blah, blah.

ANYWAY… this guy was at the Cycle Hub the other weekend, so I just HAD to take a photo. Like I said, I love Moultons:

*Not really – that whole Victorian prudishness around furniture thing: Myth.

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One comment on “Moulton Bloke
  1. gazza_d says:

    So there’s more than just me on tyneside then 😉 Only ever seen 2 others in 10 years, and they were an elderly couple together. although I know of a guy in Newcastle who has loads.

    The simple thing is the engineering. Form follows function. A moulton is about the stiffest thing you will ride, but the suspension makes it compliant and comfortable to ride. The slightly lower centre of gravity, and the fact that is is designed to keep as much weight sprung as possible helps as well. Handling and acceleration is go-cart like as well due to the small wheels.

    The seperation thing is so it can be dropped into a boot, or bagged for a plane. Mine doesn’t and is about a kilo lighter as a result.

    I first rode one in the mid 80s at York rally and wanted one ever since. managed to get a 1965 F frame in 97, which died a few years later so I bought the spaceframe in 2002, and hardly ever ride anything else these days.

    If we ever bump into each other, remind me and you can have a spin.

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