Time-Travelling Spitfire Pilot at Recyke Y’Bike

Daughter and I were heading up to do a spot of light bin-diving at Recyke Y’Bike the other weekend. On the way, we stopped at Clough’s sweet shop on Heaton Road, where we were passed by a rather dapper chap on a bike.

Turns out he was heading to the same place as us, and I got him to pose for a photo:

Nice juxtaposition, no?

I can’t remember his name (I really should write these things down), but I’ve a feeling that he’s Recyke’s founder, Dorothy Craw’s son. Either that, or a time-travelling Spitfire pilot who’s just off to see his best girl between sorties!

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2 comments on “Time-Travelling Spitfire Pilot at Recyke Y’Bike
  1. Joe says:

    His name is Jake! You are correct about his parentage!

  2. KarlOnSea says:

    Well, Jake is a splendid chap!

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