The Power Of A Simple Message

It’s as simple as this: we all know that cycling is good for the economy and the local economy in particular, great for people’s health, does wonders for community spaces, is quicker than driving / the bus / the Metro / the Tube, is the only viable truly carbon-free transport option, saves you lots (LOTS) of money, kills or seriously injures almost no-one, is near-silent, treads lightly on costly-to-maintain roads, moves people in the most space-efficient & congestion-free way imaginable, connects families, and is generally great fun, which is why events like Skyrides or Ride London are so incredibly popular.

The arguments have been had.

We won.

Every Single. One. Of. Them.

All we want is for riding a bike to be a safe, attractive and convenient option for people to get about.

The power of this simple message has got us a long way in a very short time:

But it ain’t over yet. So make sure your MP attends the parliamentary debate on the 2nd September.

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