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Fame Brings Its Price – Do I Have A Stalker?

So you remember the publicity stunt I did for my Macmillan fundraising ? (what?! you mean you haven’t already made a donation? Don’t worry – the page is still open! Just get your credit card out and go to

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A Whole Bunch of Errands

Thursday is bike day for work, and again I had a whole lot of time with clients scheduled – at their premises rather than mine, so that meant sensible, civilised cycling. I’m sure I could have planned this better, but

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Lunchtime – Just SO Tired

Another week, another monday lunchtime swim. The pace was good – bang on target in fact. But I’m just sooo tired. Maybe I need more sleep?

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Will Someone Please Explain This To Me

65 mile bike ride: Just exactly how can the chuffing wind be in my face the whole way round? And given that it’s nearly the middle of May, why is it so sodding cold? And why are the road surfaces

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New Running Shoes Make A Huge Difference

So having realised that my running shoes had done somewhere over 500 miles, and that even short runs (like last Saturday’s jog around the park with Von Smallhaussen) were causing my knees problems, it was time to get a new

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Civilised, Long-distance Commute

Thursday is a bike day. We won’t let the weather, the clients we have to see, or the errands we have to run put us off doing it all on two-wheels. And this week, I had all three – cold

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The Early Bird Catches The Worm

I, on the other hand, found the duvet too heavy to crawl out from. So I didn’t get to the pool ’till "late", and only had time for 64 lengths. Just. So. Tired. All. The. Time.

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