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Jumping Red Lights: Safer Than Stopping?

Big ride today – nearly 80 miles playing in the hills of County Durham, getting as far as Wolsingham & then coming home via Durham and the Angel. I had an incident at a set of lights that made me

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Accident Blackspots yesterday featured a map showing their local accident blackspots for cyclists: What you’ll notice from this is that accidents seem to happen more on busier streets, and most frequently at junctions. (In other news, the sky is apparently blue,

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Road Signs For Riders

There’s been some chatter recently about road signs. Apparently there are a whole new set of ’em being rolled out across the US, as shown here on : In the UK, we’re seeing more of these ones, which allow

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Wait Till Your Mum Sees The State Of Your Shirt

Riding in the rain? With a white shirt on? And no mudguards? How dare you turn up to work with that streak of black road-grime up your back – go home and get changed at once! Oh, and a huge

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The Good Lord Smites Bike Thieves

I’m a huge fan of Yehuda Moon, and last Friday evening I started doodling bike stuff on a napkin in a restaurant – just to keep Daughter entertained. What I came up with was this (now re-drawn – I don’t

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Most Surreal SMIDSY Ever?

This via a comment by Scubamatt on today’s Yehuda Moon strip: Man convicted in orange rabbit pedicab hit-and-run Friday, October 30, 2009 By The Associated Press PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Mercedes driver testified he didn’t see the 6-foot-tall orange

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You Can Keep Your Fixie Tricks . . .

. . . and your free-running, parkour high-jinks. Because this is the real deal – an amazing video via a comment by ‘BSO’ in today’s Yehuda Moon strip: Skip past the first few seconds of tricks (which I thought was

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