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Do You Have A Sixth Sense When It Comes To Other Road Users?

Take a look at this film from Andyb0000 on YouTube – pause it and note down the time in the film at which you’d identified what was going to happen: Thankfully, Andy is on the mend, but his footage raises

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People Power Against Big Oil

I got this in my email yesterday (I’ve added in some pictures here to brighten it up): The price of oil is as low as it has been for a while but the oil companies have simply jacked their prices

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What Sort of Cyclist Am I?

I’ve never really fitted in. Either too far ahead of the curve, reveling in the newness of it all, or waaay behind – a laggard unable to fix something that ain’t broke just to keep up with the cool kids.

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A Week Is A Long Time On A Bike

Last Friday (a whole week ago) was my comeback gig . . . a return to the live circuit . . . the stage and the thrill of the crowd. Or something like that anyway. I was the guest speaker

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There’s Never A Cameraman Around When You Need One

We’ve negotiated flexi-time at work! This means that as I work really very hard indeed (you just can’t do enough for a good boss*), I’m effectively getting an EXTRA 24 days holiday a year. Technically, that means I have enough

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“I Didn’t Actually Hit You”

Gah! You could be forgiven if you’ve just read my earlier oh-the-Zen-of-cycling post that today was a perfect day to be out on two wheels. Indeed, in many ways it was . . . apart from the fact that the

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“Everything We Take For Granted…

… weekend, gay rights, the right to form a union, the abolition of slavery, everything was won by disobedience" Sometimes I’m very, very boring and conventional. And I’m not entirely sure of the merits of a mass civil disobedience event

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