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The True Cost of Commuting

I found this infographic a few days ago, and it got me thinking. What would these numbers look like for the UK? Well, seeing as I’m a bit (a lot) of an Excel geek, perhaps I could put together a

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The Former Generation Did Not Care Enough

I got this from my dad today via email – maybe I’m just reaching a “certain age”, where this sort of thing seems relevant: In the line at the supermarket, the cashier told the older woman that she should bring

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Nissan Leaf

Lots of jobs around here are dependant on Business As Usual. So, keen to avoid the prospect of a couple of hundred Geordies walking to London to demand some sort of action, the government is doing everything it can to

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Electric Cars: Why Bother?

Oh, the lies these people tell. Mind you, you can’t really blame them, can you? Put yourself in their position: You run a multi-billion dollar / euro / pound / yen business, employing thousands. For the last fifty years, governments

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People Power Against Big Oil

I got this in my email yesterday (I’ve added in some pictures here to brighten it up): The price of oil is as low as it has been for a while but the oil companies have simply jacked their prices

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Bottled Water Is The Most Environmentally Responsible Consumer Product In The World

Not! OK – we’re off-topic here (there aren’t even any bikes in the background of the animation), but watch it anyway. It’ll only take just over eight minutes of your life, which is pretty short for a slice of education!

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Freeloading, Tax Dodging Cyclists!

Over on , one of the comments raises an interesting philosophical point to justify why drivers of cars have a greater moral right to use the roads than people riding bikes: "How much extra tax do you think you

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