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Reclaiming The Streets

This caught my eye in yesterday’s Guardian: Alice Furguson and Amy Rose organised getting their Bristol street closed for a street party but without the party bit – they just wanted their kids to be able to play outside without

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Here, You Must Either Be Nuts, Or Think It’s Fun

So there’s a whole lot of to and fro about this: Richard at pointed out that the obvious answer that was missing was "because it’s fun", which seemed to get the Good People Of Copenhagen all vexed – to

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Electric Cars: Why Bother?

Oh, the lies these people tell. Mind you, you can’t really blame them, can you? Put yourself in their position: You run a multi-billion dollar / euro / pound / yen business, employing thousands. For the last fifty years, governments

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World’s Greatest Bicycle?

. . . or at least that’s the title of this Creative Commons photo by t-dawg on Flickr : To be fair, this is probably a little ostentatious for my tastes, though I like the attention to detail on the

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People Power Against Big Oil

I got this in my email yesterday (I’ve added in some pictures here to brighten it up): The price of oil is as low as it has been for a while but the oil companies have simply jacked their prices

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If You Want My Vote, Listen To What These Young Ladies Say

I’m reading the book of the film ‘Beauty and The Bike ‘ at the moment – it’s jam-packed with all sort of good stuff, and next up, I’ll be treating Daughter to a screening of the film. The makers have

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To Change The Car Culture Should We Abandon Most Of The Town?

Change is always difficult , especially when there’s a large vested interest determined to use its inertia to prevent movement. Yet if we want to move the UK’s towns & cities from being significantly car-dependent, we will have to deal

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