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Trying A Bike For Size

Daughter was eying up Wife’s new bike a couple of weeks ago, and eventually confessed to having had a bit of a sit on it too. She needs a new bike, and we were thinking of something trendy & cruiser-ish,

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Men Make For Thick-Skinned Cyclists

There’s a reason that fewer women than men seem to ride their bikes in the UK. As explained in Beauty & The Bike , it’s the infrastructure – we’re expected to just mix in with the traffic, and it often

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Modifications To Wife’s New Bike

OK. So what’s the first thing you do with a new bike? Put it right of course! First up was the cable routing for the back brake: The problem here is that the cable’s sheath points upwards. When you ride

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Wife’s Got A New Bike!

After falling off Lilac last year & breaking her arm , it’s taken quite a while for Wife to want to ride a bike again. First of all there was the weeks & weeks spent in a cast, then the

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Ride To A Picnic – Just a Perfect Day

So my Decadent In-laws are here to stay and it’s the school holidays. Normally I’d do my long ride on a Sunday, but we’d hatched a plan for a picnic on Holy Island – the family would drive, and I’d

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Meh. Not A Fun Run

I left work early today to get my run in . . . and be home in time to go to the cinema with Daughter & Wife. But it was not to be – I’d eaten too much at lunch

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If You Want My Vote, Listen To What These Young Ladies Say

I’m reading the book of the film ‘Beauty and The Bike ‘ at the moment – it’s jam-packed with all sort of good stuff, and next up, I’ll be treating Daughter to a screening of the film. The makers have

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