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Packing The Bike In Its Box

So more than a week before the race, and I’ve packed my bike in its box , ready for the flight to Nice: Funny thing is, the bloke in that video makes it look really easy. Oh, hang on a

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I Am Unaccountably Hungry

No idea why. I took with me to eat . . . A banana (172 cals), three of Wife’s flapjacks (3 x 285 cals), a mini Mars bar (300 cals) and five gels (5 x 107 cals) of which I

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I’ve Got A Ticket To Ride!

Look what arrived in the post: That’s my international race license – just 51 days ’till Ironman France! Eeeek!

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Put Some F*!<ing Effort In!

Von Smallhaussen is doing a Couch-to-5K programme, and has even gone as far as entering races (plural ), so I went along for her training session on Saturday morning. Quite good fun – the effort they were putting in was

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Men Make For Thick-Skinned Cyclists

There’s a reason that fewer women than men seem to ride their bikes in the UK. As explained in Beauty & The Bike , it’s the infrastructure – we’re expected to just mix in with the traffic, and it often

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Jumping Red Lights: Safer Than Stopping?

Big ride today – nearly 80 miles playing in the hills of County Durham, getting as far as Wolsingham & then coming home via Durham and the Angel. I had an incident at a set of lights that made me

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It’s Déjà-Vu All Over Again

The run section of Ironman France is four, 10km circuits of the sea front in Nice. I find it bad enough swimming laps in the pool, but I have never got on with running around a track, and this looks

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