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Here, You Must Either Be Nuts, Or Think It’s Fun

So there’s a whole lot of to and fro about this: Richard at pointed out that the obvious answer that was missing was "because it’s fun", which seemed to get the Good People Of Copenhagen all vexed – to

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Electric Cars: Why Bother?

Oh, the lies these people tell. Mind you, you can’t really blame them, can you? Put yourself in their position: You run a multi-billion dollar / euro / pound / yen business, employing thousands. For the last fifty years, governments

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Put Some F*!<ing Effort In!

Von Smallhaussen is doing a Couch-to-5K programme, and has even gone as far as entering races (plural ), so I went along for her training session on Saturday morning. Quite good fun – the effort they were putting in was

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Van Driver Gets Himself Fired: Cyclist Blamed

On the BBC’s  Jeremy Vine programme this Tuesday , there was a short piece at the end of the show about a van driver who’d been fired as a result of his inappropriate behaviour towards a cyclist. It seems that

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Riding A Bike In That London

This weekend I was in That London for my oldest friend’s birthday party. An evening of booze and banging techno – I participated in the former, while enjoying observing the effects of the latter. Anyway, I took the train down,

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Freeloading, Tax Dodging Cyclists!

Over on , one of the comments raises an interesting philosophical point to justify why drivers of cars have a greater moral right to use the roads than people riding bikes: "How much extra tax do you think you

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Electric Assist Bikes

In general, I’m not such a fan of these. A bike with an electric motor? Really, you’ve got to be kidding me! That is SO missing the point. BUT . . . just sometimes, when the wind is in my

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