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Light Segregation

You know how it is. The local council is trying to encourage cycling, and they’ve spent literally hundreds of pounds on some paint to make cycle lanes on roads with high levels of traffic that’s doing 40 mph. They’ve even

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Cycle Path With Knobs On

Remember my favourite cycle path on the route into Newcastle? How could one possibly improve on this? It needs more chutzpah, more¬†pizzazz. In an ideal world, we’d get out our blue paint, and make it look like a Proper Piece

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Today Is National BMW-Bashing Day

Last time I wrote about this subject, a whole bunch of people got offended. Apparently, it’s not fair to make sweeping generalisations. So I won’t be mentioning that BMW drivers are top the the ranking for abusing and misusing their

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The Trouble With Half-Way Decent Cycle Paths

… is that they’re just the right width to drive a car up: Doubtless paying “road tax” also allows one to use any available asphalt surface, even if it probably hasn’t been designed to take the weight of a car.

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