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I Demand A Refund

Great run this evening on a new route – into Newcastle and back: And I got to stop briefly at Carlton Reid’s cocktail bar half way round too. Unfortunately they were right out of Bambino Splash (pint glass – half

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Civilised, Long-distance Commute

Thursday is a bike day. We won’t let the weather, the clients we have to see, or the errands we have to run put us off doing it all on two-wheels. And this week, I had all three – cold

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Wife’s Got A New Bike!

After falling off Lilac last year & breaking her arm , it’s taken quite a while for Wife to want to ride a bike again. First of all there was the weeks & weeks spent in a cast, then the

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Riding A Bike In That London

This weekend I was in That London for my oldest friend’s birthday party. An evening of booze and banging techno – I participated in the former, while enjoying observing the effects of the latter. Anyway, I took the train down,

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

That green area behind the car is the cyclists’ waiting area, reserved for bikes, in front of the advanced stop line, where the car should have stopped? The car has stopped, blocking the pedestrian crossing? The driver made a valiant

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Near Miss – Driver On The Phone

(n.b. this post is safe for Wife to read. I was in no danger during this incident, and merely witnessed the results) Coming home from my long ride on Sunday, I chose the route over the top of Byker and

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Quick! To Darlington!

Does riding a traditional British roadster count as Ironman training? When you’re riding to the train station & back? Depends on your thinking really. I had just run 14 miles, this is a heavy bike, and the headwind on the

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