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Pickles and Hammond to end the war on motorists

This has got me shouting at my monitor in disbelief. Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said: “This is a key step in ending the war on the motorist. For years politicians peddled the pessimistic, outdated attitude that they could only cut

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Jumping Red Lights: Safer Than Stopping?

Big ride today – nearly 80 miles playing in the hills of County Durham, getting as far as Wolsingham & then coming home via Durham and the Angel. I had an incident at a set of lights that made me

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Van Driver Gets Himself Fired: Cyclist Blamed

On the BBC’s  Jeremy Vine programme this Tuesday , there was a short piece at the end of the show about a van driver who’d been fired as a result of his inappropriate behaviour towards a cyclist. It seems that

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People Power Against Big Oil

I got this in my email yesterday (I’ve added in some pictures here to brighten it up): The price of oil is as low as it has been for a while but the oil companies have simply jacked their prices

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For Your Own Safety

Remember that whole thing that the strong should bow to the weak in transport? So cars give way to bikes, who in turn give way to pedestrians? Well, as you can see, it was alive and well in Whitley Bay

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Roundabout Way To Get Killed

What is it with British cycle infrastructure? Or are those three words together just an oxymoron? What bugs the hell out of me is the shoddy, start-stop nature of it. If roads for tax paying motorists were like this, they’d

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Swim Feeling Good Then Feeling Deflated

Well I thought I had a good swim today. I managed to do each of my reps at the target pace, and breathing on both sides (to the left going down the pool, and the right on the way back

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